In many ways we have gone 'back to basics' to create our organic, vegan-friendly range of sports nutrition products.  They are made from simple natural ingredients that are minimally processed and often raw, with a focus on nutritionally dense whole foods, many of which have been used as energy foods for thousands of years. By taking these ingredients and applying the sound scientific understanding that now exists regarding vegan and whole food diets to endurance sports nutrition, we have created a range of products designed for even the most demanding of modern sportspeople.  We cannot and will not make spurious claims about how our products will make you 'xx seconds faster over a 100 mile course', or will improve your VO2 Max because of 'x' lab tested special ingredient.  However, we will make the promise that our products are made using only 5-8 key ingredients that you will recognise the names of and that don't sound like they should only be available on prescription from a pharmacy.  We also believe that by using our products in combination with eating a healthy nutrient dense diet, you will feel better in the long term, should recover faster, and be able to perform more consistantly at your highest level.